This Conference is dedicated to EU integration of the Western Balkans. We explore possibilities to strengthen cooperation with the European Union during the European Integration process. We need to work differently to make EU enlargement a success.

We will soon let you know who joins us as speakers. It will be an amazing mix from the Albanian government and business community paired with highly experienced speakers from the European Union.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.
Join us in “The Journey Together to the EU”.

Who should attend?

The conference is relevant for everyone who is working with and interested in the future of the European Integration process. We know that this is a long list of people including:

  • Civil servants involved in EU Integration from planning to reporting, as well as from Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and law-making to consultation and implementation.
  • Businesses and their representatives who will have to comply with EU Legislation and will have to be prepared to join the internal market.
  • CSOs and their representatives involved in monitoring of and working with the European Integration process.
  • Representatives from EU Institutions, EU Member States, and international organizations supporting EU Integration.